Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day weekend. Already?

This has been a 'silent summer' for me - no blog posts since May. That's uncommonly quiet.

If you noticed and felt a twinge of concern - I apologize for being more mute than usual.

If you were so busy that you didn't have time to notice - not to worry. We were busy, and figured you were too.

But we're back.            Noisy.    


But if you're reading this, it's because you were interested in an update. So, here's what has been going on since April.

Personal Matters:
Over the past four months Vicki's and my weeks have overflowed with: 
  • Packing up and moving out of our home of 8 years into the garage apartment of our good friends Mike and Paula
  • Multiple yard sales - and storing what wasn't for sale in a short-term rental PODS unit, and a borrowed storage shed
  • Leaving the ministry property ready for closing before returning from . . . 
  • Three weeks' of missions-ministry travel to Cambodia
  • Several weeks of intensive remodel work (every spare moment concentrated on fixing up a town home for Vicki and me to call our home base)
  • Three ministry trips to California to work with a group of churches and a christian school in San Jose and Milpitas . . .
  • One trip turned out to be a perfectly-timed, unexpected opportunity to visit family and see our West Coast grandkids graduate from elementary and mid-school. 
* About Moving: 
If you haven't moved lately and you want to shake up your routine, I can recommend a move (especially if you are significantly shrinking your living space). You will learn a lot about patience and understanding (or as I found about myself), my LACK of patience and understanding.

* About our new place in the city:
Vicki has (again) done an unbelievable job of staging and color in our new place. After nearly a decade in the mountains in a gorgeous setting, she has created an oasis for us both making this a home that we both LOVE to come home to!

Ministry Matters:
This summer at 30 60 100 MINISTRIES we (meaning: Vicki, Dalton, our Board of Directors, members of our Advisory Council, or some combination of this team):
  • Continued coaching several ministry leaders and couples and some new non-profit leaders
  • Trained and/or facilitated several group gatherings
  • Vicki was a featured speaker for two ladies groups - one morning meeting, and the other a full-day retreat
  • Facilitated leadership teams through our (SP)∞ - the Strategic Planning to the Highest Power workshop
  • Led two couples through the (SP)∞ process as they plan their next steps in business and ministry 
  • Prepared for the 2011-2012 launch of the Spiritually Healthy Leader Series in Albuquerque in October. (You can expect significant changes in structure and updated content.)
  • Are preparing for a gathering of friends of 30 60 100 MINISTRIES later this Fall
  • In preparation for full web access to our published material, we have been reviewing, updating and significantly changing our websites to make them more user friendly

At this point in my life, I have realized that staying busy is not a goal. Staying busy is more of a distraction than a goal. I'm learning to focus on those things that lead us to fulfill our vision, not just doing the next thing on the TO DO list.

So if you are REALLY BUSY, you might check your TO DO list: which things take you towards your vision? Which take you away from it?

Our prayer for you is that you clearly see things from the Lord's perspective (Vision: "clearly seeing things from God's point of view"); and once you identify those things, do THEM.

As Vicki and I work together, I am learning that as I stay focused on our vision, we (as a team) don't only stay occupied, we are fulfilled, and time FLIES!

We'd love to hear how your summer went - you can post your comments on our blog just below. It only takes a moment to catch up!

We'll talk again soon.