Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dear Friends of Multiplied Impact

Vicki and I spent 16 years with our family in the jungles of southern Colombia, SA as agricultural missionaries. We went there as newlyweds, and returned from that assignment in 1986 as a family of 5.

Since our return to the States we got to know the Stendal family, who are actively serving in eastern Colombia. Russ was taken captive by the guerilla and held for a long time -- after his release he chose to minister to them with his family, and today works to provide the Gospel through radio and aviation ministry. Voice of the Martyrs lists Colombia in the top ten most dangerous nations for Christian ministry/witness.

This posting is Russell's latest news update from May 12th. Please read and pray with us for the Stendals as they reach deep into the heart of a troubled land.

About 30 minutes ago another bomb blew up in the town square of Puerto Lleras (4Km from our Lomalinda radio stations) killing several policemen and injuring many bystanders.  For several months terror has been ratcheting up as buses are being burned and many shot dead in the streets of towns throughout eastern Colombia.  The guerrilla movement has also been conducting an internal purge and has reportedly killed many of their own men, accusing them of being traitors to the Communist cause.  We believe some of them were secret Christians.

We have recently had very close calls and it takes a lot of wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in order for us to continue to operate and maintain all of our radio stations.  In all of our 47 odd years here in Colombia we have never seen it this unstable, yet we believe that this is also the most opportune time that we have ever seen for the Gospel.

Right now we are struggling to keep all 16 stations on the air.  Pray that the Lord will provide better and more reliable radio transmitter equipment so that we will not have to make as many dangerous repair trips into difficult areas and so that our signals will be able to stay on the air in a more reliable manner.  We are also very short of Bibles: unable to even come close to meeting the requests of those who are turning to the Lord after hearing radio broadcasts.

Every day I receive a steady stream of phone calls and text messages from those who are either on the front lines or maybe even behind enemy lines and I do my best to encourage them to continue with the Lord even if they get killed for their testimony.  Due to the excellent locations that the Lord has provided for us to transmit from we are able to provide very intense radio coverage of a high percentage of the Colombian war zone and critical border regions.
Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying and supporting our ministry.
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