Saturday, November 17, 2012

Testify World 2012 Mixer—I meet David Wood - a MULTIPLIED IMPACT-kind of guy!

Working with Jerry Chavez (the founder and president of the Ark Organization—see Jerry's LinkedIn profile) I've found you have to keep up!

Several months ago when Jerry asked Vicki and me to join his Board of Directors, we talked about what he was looking for in a board member, and what we might do to help him as he pioneers the first year of the Acts of Random Kindness Organization.
He said something about how 'a little mentoring would be a big help'. We didn't know what kind of a Jesus-energized guy he was. But as we've gotten to know Jerry, we've found that he wants to see BIG THINGS happen in GOD'S KINGDOM, and he is a CONNECTOR.

Yesterday was the first day of the TESTIFY WORLD 2012 event. Jerry has coordinated a TED talks type spinoff, only this is more like TED on Jesus-strength power. Last night was the mixer— a chance for attendees to mingle with the speakers, chat, and get to know them personally. Tonight, these speakers will present their TESTIFY talks at the Albuquerque Museum. (Tickets at the door still available—6 PM tonight.)

Doing setup and behind the scenes stuff at the venue yesterday morning was the normal-to be expected kind of stuff, but I got to do the coolest thing: pick up one of the speakers at the airport and chauffeur David Wood to his hotel. Traffic was bad on the freeway, and being David's first trip to Albuquerque, he was game to take 4th Street, so we had some time to chat. David was not my stereotypical Hollywood producer-type guy: instead my first impression was 'this guy is down to earth, loves God above all else, and is focused on doing something that will unite the Body of Christ GLOBALLY!' He's an awesome, God's Kingdom-focused, and easy to know guy.

David is creating the perfect sequel to Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, a movie called The Resurrection. You can read all about it at the Resurrection Project website here. Beyond telling the story that puts the power of God to work in every believing heart, the big deal about this movie is this: it won't just release in theaters in 2014—but it will release online WORLDWIDE! When it comes out, you will be able to see the same movie on your device: desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle, TV, or church big-screen ANYWHERE, ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

The movie tells the story that believers in Jesus EVERYWHERE will be able to understand, and share with their family and friends.

At a time when so many Christians are spending their energy bemoaning their economic situation, the political situation, or their country's deteriorating relationship with the rest of the world, here is an example of something ANOINTED, POSITIVE, and EMPOWERING that is happening behind the scenes - but that will CHANGE the scene! Take a look for yourself. This is not just another 'Jesus' movie, it's a game changer that will mark a turning point in history. 

Thanks for the chance to meet David, Jerry. I'm pumped to meet another believer in the importance of MULTIPLIED IMPACT, and someone who's not just looking on and moaning, but is investing all they are to do something that will change the world!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life in the Back 40 — Life's Challenges and their Solutions

"Extending into the Back 40" doesn't just mean Go. Teach. Leave.

It means become aware, learn, and care.

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Last week the news carried a tiny blip about an earthquake in Guatemala. We read that news, and thought of the families in La Esperanza, the village outside of Quetzaltanango, three hours northwest of the capital, Guatemala City. Then we received an email from Mildred Plumley, our beloved friend and sister in Jesus, telling her story of what it's like to experience an earthquake in a remote place like theirs.

I invite you to read it and listen to your responses. We'd love to hear your comments after you finish reading.

To all of my dear contacts:  Greetings

Several of you have written emails asking about the earthquake that happened this morning.

First of all, we are all fine, and we only lost a few little glass items, like flower vases and knickknacks, albeit, some of our furniture moved around, framed pictures were all askew, but still on the walls.  Hilda and I were waiting in Quetzaltenango for commencement exercises to begin.  More than half of the crowd was still outside, but when it was realized that it was indeed an earthquake, those of us inside got up and made for the door.  Hilda HAULED me out, leaving my crutches inside. Screams and anxiety reigned while the very excellent marimba band played on.  But nothing bad happened. Hilda, like many, many others, was trembling pretty hard, but, am I stoic, or what? I don´t enjoy quakes, but they don´t scare me. Folks waited for an aftershock which never came. We entered the building again and enjoyed the graduation. There is a 48 hour ¨red alert¨ which means that the next 48 hours after the initial shock could bring another quake, so be prepared.  That means, have flashlights, drinking water, food, etc.

When we reached our street after the graduation, we were shocked to see our neighbor´s house right across the street from us in shambles. I hadn´t realized the house was of adobe, but plastered over, and the folks had put two rows of cement blocks on top of the adobe wall on the street side, and all of the blocks fell on the street. Many houses are at the street, ours is back a little ways. A relative of this family lives next door to them and Hilda´s sister Blanca, who lives next door to us, have taken into their homes the furniture; the ruined house is empty. All of the family minus papa was in the house, but at the back, so no one was even injured. There are 7 children, from 18 down to 2 years. 

Hilda served supper to the whole family here in our home. 3 of the boys are staying with us, the parents plus the little girls and one boy are with Blanca, and the 10 year old girl is with Hilda´s cousin who has girls near her age.  Relatives and neighbors have been over there ever since the quake, and help is getting to them, praise the Lord.  They will now have to build a block home.

This family is extremely poor, the mother and children are salt of the earth folks.  Papa hasn´t always worked, I guess he just wasn´t ambitious and he drank a lot to boot.  But, for about 2 years now he has held a job and is really a dad to his kids.  The mother has trained her kids to be very polite, here we say, translated, ¨well educated.¨ Hilda and Amilcar have hired the boys to do garden and yard work, and they are excellent, eating at our table on the days they work here.  All of the boys know how to work, and that has boosted greatly the income for the family.  And when we want a good quantity of tortillas, or other Guatemalan foods made of corn, Mama Odelia will do that for us, well made, and that helps her financially, too.  She is a very sweet patient lady.

So this is how things are here. Friends from the department of San Marcos called to say that they were OK, just shaken up. But the city of San Marcos has 30 collapsed homes and about 40 dead plus 100s injured. The epicenter was offshore from the port city of Champerico on the Pacific coast, the quake was 20 miles deep, without tsunami.

With love to each and every one of you,


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 60 100 MINISTRIES is EXPANDING into the BACK 40!


After much prayer and dialogue with the Board of Directors and several advisory team members, 30 60 100 MINISTRIES is expanding into the Back 40!

Over the years this ministry has made forays into foreign locations to work with everyday people—missionaries, local church leaders, nationals, recently-converted local Christians, expatriates—who have a distinctive hunger for opportunities to grow spiritually. Now, we sense God's Hand directing us to make purposeful and regular efforts to go, encourage, and help them grow spiritually. 

Over the coming weeks this is what we'll be talking about on our blog, but if you're interested in more NOW, just CLICK HERE to see our website pages about the Back 40!