Friday, October 26, 2012

What's the Back 40?

Landowners refer to their undeveloped land as their “Back 40.”  It’s the remote area of their property which is last to be cultivated.

In the same way, tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ are living the “Back 40” spiritually, limited by a lack of finances, resources, and geographical remoteness.  They are eager to cultivate their “fields.” Investing in these hungry Christians with training, coaching, and discipleship equips them to cultivate their “Back 40” for Christ.

In the jungle, sometimes the Back 40 was in danger of being burned up.

And we'd have to take our oxen to the fields to create protection lines to keep the fires from destroying everything.
The Back 40 was important to us then — and it is to God now!

Watch for more coming soon about how we want to help those living in spiritual "Back 40" locations around the world.

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